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Folow us


Seed is better

A startup is a company designed to grow fast. The only essential thing is growth.

Our Experience

Lumen Ventures find its roots in the competitive London startup ecosystem, here Davide Fioranelli founds Freetrade: the first zero-commission financial stock broker in Europe.
In 2017, after only two years from establishment Freetrade collects the first million pounds in equity crowdfunding.
It is the first sign of success, the appreciation of the community and investors is tangible and in the following round Freetrade collects a million pounds in 28 minutes, reaching four million pounds with an initial target of 500,000 pounds, breaking the overfunding record on Crowdcube .
In 2019 Freetrade won the British Bank Award as Best Bank in the eyes of customers.
Freetrade aims to enter the one-billion companies in the near future.

Growth is key

Davide has always dreamt of innovating in Italy, Lumen Ventures is born.
We invests and support young entrepreneurs.
``It is never too early to invest in an idea`` and our Freetrade experience prooves that every startup needs a powerful growth strategy: the beginning is the most difficult phase and that is when Lumen Ventures makes it's experience and capital count in order to promote the success of the project. We love being involved with entrepreneurs right from the start, just when the chances of success are scarce and the founders need long-term allies: entrepreneurs and professionals. At this stage we can help more by hiring key people, perfecting the product, providing an adequate network for growth and investing capital.
It is the job we love: we have already done it, we still do it and we will continue to do so.